@#$% in' Mormon Biker Gang!?!!?

Liams drunk Sotry telling...

@#$%!!!!! We were just sitting there minding our business. I was actually having a pretty plesant chat with Jack while Clyde went off scouting and Fellah was killing Scorpions… Like a deadly amazonian queen… Then once we had finally given up on there being any survivors from the helicopter crash we are stopped by the @#$%ing CNRCLDSAP lackeys on @#$%in Crotch rockets trying to steal away Fellah and Angela. @#$% THAT!!! I ran up and punched one dead right away and then we took the rest out. Fellah even shot one right in the face. It was @#$%in glorious. Clyde did not do bad with his shooting either taking out the gas tanks on one of the bikes even and eventually we got all of them.. because of Angela’s tazer we were even able to keep one alive to try and interrogate him or take him with us to Jacks base.. oh yeah that’s where we were going when we went to leave.. to Jacks base.. or I guess the CTU base more accurately.

(Takes a Long Drink)
@#$% where was I?
Oh right we were going to take the guy with us.. he was a damn good singer but not my style of music.. too soft and slow.. any way we were about to go but he told us the SUV was broken.. so when we went outside to look we ran into more of the @#$%in lackeys and this time Mother @#$%ING Kody Brown his @#$%ing Self!!! There were more of them this time so we decided escape was the best option. So since there were still Motorcycles around we decided to hop on and ride away.. easier said than @#$%in done though. We we able to get fellah and Angela away first but there was only one other bike available that wasn’t behind lackeys or under lackeys. I was not about to leave jack there so as soon as he threw some sort of Fire grenade Clyde ran to get on his bike and I ran as hard as I could and lowered my should in my best rugby block to knock two of the mormons off their bikes which gave me and Jack time to get on and ride away.. even though I had never ridden a motorcycle before I guess the adrenaline made me do it well enough to get away.

(takes another long drink)
At least we thought we were away.. turns out somehow the @#$%ers followed us with a tracking device or something and they came and stole Angela away while she was on watch. @#$$!!!!! How could we not hear anything. She wouldn’t have just gone Quietly.. Would she? no @#$% NO!!! (sobs alittle then Recovers) it doesn’t @#$%in matter we WILL get her back.. Maybe the @#$%in CTU can teach me Karate or some $#!% then I’ll show that Kody Brown. @#$% it I am tried of talking about this lets just drink some more.


Reposted from the log under this because apparently I got confused.

“Very good. A personal narrative was a nice choice, especially considering the narrator. :D”

@#$% in' Mormon Biker Gang!?!!?

Thank you Sirs. It is really pretty fun being Liam.

@#$% in' Mormon Biker Gang!?!!?

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