At the Cabin

Where we learn some history

As Angela stitches up his wounds, Jack begins to explain what ’s going on;

“The problem with the briefing I received before being sent out here,” Jack explains, “Is that it was brief. It is possible that you three have more ‘on the ground’ information than I do, but I’ll tell you what I know.”

“The Church of the New Reformed Church of Latter Day Saints, Apostles and Prophets. Separated themselves from the fundamentalist LDS sect known as the Apostolic United Brethren about six years ago. Because both sects are polygamist, they have been on the watch-list for the FBI. Neither group seem particularly dangerous as polygamist sects go. They don’t force or arrange marriages and no one under the age of 18 is brought into sexual relationships.”

“Still, all polygamist sects in America have a problem. In times and places where polygamy works as a social order, there are constant wars continually reducing the number of marriageable males. In America more males die young because boys do dangerous things, but not in the numbers necessary to produce a polygamist culture. Perhaps one of the greatest advances of The Church of the New Reformed Church of Latter Day Saints, Apostles and Prophets was the advent of ritual castration for certain members of their sect. In a lot of ways, the government groups watching them, liked this better. It doesn’t produce the ‘lost boys’ phenomenon that we see too often in western states. In fact, the castrated males are called ‘angels on earth’ and are cared for by the community.”

“So, the government watched them, but wasn’t too worried. Then their prophet, a man named Eugene Zolowski, who now goes by the name ‘Kody Brown’ began telling members that they needed to more actively recruit and that they needed to arm themselves. Well, the buying of large numbers of guns and stockpiles of ammunition eventually attracted the attention of the ATF. The government wanted to be careful here. We didn’t want another Waco or Ruby Ridge fiasco. We wanted to keep it from the cultists and from the press”

“So, they sent in under cover agents, all of whom converted. Many of them sent back glowing ‘reports’ of how wonderful life is without testicles, how Kody’s teaching ‘has changed their life’ and inviting other members to come and ‘come to understand true love and true freedom.’ Now, you’ve got to understand this. It wasn’t that some of the undercover agents converted. All of them did. Every person they sent in converted. If we had stayed in that jail, in a few days we’d have been loaded into a van, taken to one of Kody’s ‘feasts’ and come back calling our families and telling them about this amazing prophet. We men would be so proud of our lack of testicles. You women would be married into a harem of anywhere from 3 to 15 women and you would be insanely in love with your new ‘husband.’ You might be thinking, ‘no, not me,’ but you’re wrong.”

“The violence really started last year. Kody’s men would attack high-school football games or community dinners. There would be a blood bath, after which most of the community, far from hating Kody for his violence, converted. It is so weird.”

“There are communities throughout the western United States affiliated with The Church of the New Reformed Church of Latter Day Saints, Apostles and Prophets now. They seem to be in constant and immediate contact with each other. They use the phones, mostly, we think, but they must have some other means of communicating as well. We heard about the reroute of the train too late to stop it. Still, we activated SWAT out of Albuquerque and sent in my team, part of a secret government organization known as CTU, Counter Terrorism Unit. My team parachuted in around the area. The SWAT team went at the train full blast. The SWAT team was to stop Kody if possible. My team was to provide support, assess the situation. If we didn’t come out in 12 hours, a helicopter was to be sent in to get us. I was already imprisoned by the rescue time. Our contingency was to meet at this cabin and assess our options if we missed the rescue. I plan to wait here for a few days and see if any other members of my team show up. I’m keeping the SUV, but you can stay with me, or you can leave.”


Very good. A personal narrative was a nice choice, especially considering the narrator. :D

At the Cabin

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