Drink the Kool-Aid

Dr. Wolfgang Müller led the party to a bad section of Chuncheon. He knew a place to hide out there, a place run by heroine dealers. There, Fellah finished translating the scroll and Clyde fixed up the place, for all the good it would do. They ate famous Chuncheon chicken and kind of relaxed for a while, even slept until about 2:00 in the afternoon. Then it happened. Had the drug dealers sold them out? Had they been followed? It didn’t matter. What mattered was the hideout was attacked by more of these Taekwondo experts who, one assumes, since they appeared earlier with Super Mormons From Hell, probably work for the cultists.

A dozen of these guys might have been tough to handle, even after being softened by a grenade. Fortunately, after about 12 seconds of fighting, a woman appeared and totally kicked Taekwondo butt. She ended up killing about 4 of the guys herself. Liam probably killed about as many too, because he is actually a better martial artist than these guys are. This was proved conclusively when he killed one with a flying kick, jumping off a building. I’m sure Clyde killed at least one. I can’t remember who killed the other ones.

The woman was named Diana Bones and she led them through the Chuncheon sewers, where they fought a giant python, to her Do Jo (It is a Do Jo, not a Dojang because, even though she lives in Korea, she practices Japanese martial arts). She tells an awesome story about how she use to be a cultist, but now she’s out. Among other things, she introduces “kool-aid,” a terrible tasting red concoction made from hallucinogenic mushrooms which causes the consumer to question the brainwashing and to “totally trip out.”



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