oone of the worst and best days of my life...

It all started out when jack introduced me to liam fellah and clyde, a bunch of pretty cool cats. Anyway we were sent on a mission to investigate a compound in c alifornia that the mormoms were using. but before that I got THE GREATEST BIKE I;VE EVER HAD!!! anywho, we started out searching in the rocks coming to find out that they were THE Rocks that they “gulp” castrated me in. as we searched around for some sort of secret entrance we uhhh….didn’t find one. so we decided to attempt to sneak in the base although sneaking wasn’t really needed at all though we searched around finding this really $#%^in heavy….toy gun? that’s what it looks like at least. anywho fellah and clyde searched around inside the base and found this blue rod, it looked to be a battery of some sort but who knows and then they found this metal bar with some sort of puzzle words on it honestly I wasn’t paying attention I was thinking about my new bike and lack of testicles. and then out of nowhere(it seemed to me I have like a 8 wis) there were these 2 mormons that came up from the fireplace and I started shooting and then I realized it was michael and james… my two best friends*sniff* there is apparently a second stage of "conversion whih we learned about from “obi wan” that these guys went through, instead of subjecting them to testing we decided to just kill them a decision that whether the right or the wrong, I will have to live with the rest of my life… sniff then we climbed down to the bottom…which is where we are now.


Actually, his two best friends are alive. Michael got tazed and James critted on a fort check and then was healed by Fellah. They are tied to a tree out front.


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