Seeds of Betrayal

The Confession of Dr. Müller

I live zhis life, you know? I find information. I sell it. Zhis is my life since very young man. I help everyone. Everyone pays me. Everyone knows zhis. So, I get call from US Consulate asking for my help. Zhey say “Ve are sending zhese three kids to you. Help zhem find some cult members.” I say “okay.”

Zhen, I call my friends at SVR (Russia) and my friends at MMS (China). I say, “I am going to airport to pick up American agents. Zhey are not here to spy. Zhey are here to look for cultists.” See, I zhink I am helping. Mmm . . . Maybe someone at SVR or MMS knows about American cultists in Korea, see. Sometimes I help zhem, sometimes zhey help me, sometimes zhey can’t talk to each ozher, because zhey have to pretend zhey don’t know each ozher, but zhey can both all talk to me, SVR, MMS, CIA, MI6, Interpol, Mossad, anyone. I am very friendly guy. Zhis is how it goes for me. I did not zhink zhat zhis would be a mistake. It was bad mistake, now I know. Now I really know. Übel,schlechte Arbeit vom Teufel. Ich habe eine schreckliche Sünde festgelegt. Ich wünsche mich tot. Oh, oh Ich wünsche mich tot.

Probably, my friend at MMS zhinks he is helping me too. He talks to Norzh Korean agent. He says, “you know about American cultist in South Korea?” Zhe agent, he says “no,” but it is lie. Everyone lies a lot. I am use to it.

I do not know that my friend at MMS talked to Norzh Korea. I went to the airport, and get you guys. Of course, ve are followed. I am always followed. Vhen I don’t want to be followed I do not about town in a limo drive. Ve go to priest’s house. I did not zhink zhis vas bad zhing. I just zhink he can help us, and he did, maybe. Still, I vish ve didn’t go. Ve go to library. Ve go to hotel. I zhink, “I should go back to priests’ house, give him some money or somezhing. He vas good help and is good man.”

Zher I find priests’ vife tortured to deazh! Zhey are torturing priest too. He tells zhem everyzhing. Zhat is taoism. Zhey always tell and vhat happens, happens. Even zhough he tells, the Norzh Korean agent tortures vife to deazh and keeps torturing priest. Zhere is no reason for zhis! Priest is good man and Norzh Korean agent knows rules of Taoism.

So, I kill Norzh Korean agent. I call ambulance for priest. Zhen I zhink, "Vhat about zhose kids? If zhey come for priest, zhey will come for kids. I admit, I zhink you are probably dead. So, I hurry back to hotel. I hear the guns and I know I am right. Still, police will come and you cannot have guns in Seoul. Even foreigners cannot have guns. It is forbidden! So, we must hide from police now too. I know a place. I am so sorry.


Liam Looks at him confused and in german asks why he wishes us dead. According to google translate Sünde festgelegt. Ich wünsche mich tot. Oh, oh Ich wünsche mich tot. means I wish you dead Oh, oh I wish you dead. So liam would ask this question.

Seeds of Betrayal

Übel,schlechte Arbeit vom Teufel. Ich habe eine schreckliche Sünde festgelegt. Ich wünsche mich tot. Oh, oh Ich wünsche mich tot.


Evil terrible work from the Devil. I have committed a terrible sin. I wish I was dead, oh, oh I wish I was dead.

I wish you dead would be “Ich wünsche dich tot” and that would mean you as an individual, informal. Somewhat close, but I guess that shows not to trust google translate, because while only one word is off, one letter, really, it is a pretty big difference.

Seeds of Betrayal

This guy needs some weed. Sadly, I did not list that among my possessions when we started out. Alas.

Seeds of Betrayal

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