Snacks on a Train!

Let the monkeys begin

You are all crazy with excitement. Sure, a two day train ride in coach is gonna suck, but you are going to Comicon, and not just any Comicon: the big one in San Diego. A plane would have been faster, but you couldn’t all afford it and you want to go together. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to stay in your seats, and you haven’t been.

You are in the lounge car where they sell pop, snacks and beer, if you’re old enough, for outrageous prices. Hopefully, you brought some food of your own. You are on the bottom floor of your lounge car. You are all playing D&D and interrupting the game regularly with comments about weird things you’ve seen in pictures of other comicons.

Your backpacks are above your seats two cars away on the upper level. Your suitcases are on the lower level of that same car.

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