Fellah al Farooqi

A short, mildly dumpy Pakistani student at CU Boulder.


Dedicated Hero 1
Human female of Arabic descent.

STR 10 0
DEX 11 0
CON 10 0
INT 14 +2
WIS 16 +3
CHA 12 +1

HP 6
Defense 11
Base Attack 0
Reputation 1
Action Points 5
Wealth Bonus 2

Fortitude +1
Reflex 0
Will +4

Melee 0
Ranged 0

Gamble +7
Investigate +8
Knowledge (Current Events) +6
Listen +7
Sense Mot. +8
Spot +7
Treat Inj. +7

Equipment: Pepper Spray, Handbag, Road Atlas, Aluminum travel case, backpack, digital camera, cell phone, week’s worth of clothes, and a wallet w/ID, debit, and credit cards.

Feats: Simple Weapons Prof, Personal Firearms Prof, Attentive
Talents: Empathy

Allegiances: CU Boulder, Islam, * (yet to decide on the third one)
Languages: English (r/w), Arabic (r/w), Urdu (r/w), Mandarin Chinese (r/w), and Pashto (r/w).


Fellah is a graduate student at CU-Boulder, having finished her undergraduate degree in journalism and now going for her PhD in Communication. She came to the US for school in order to escape the general negative opinion of educated women in her home town, a small city in eastern Pakistan near Tibet that’s steeped heavily in tribal culture and Islam. Not to say she doesn’t appreciate her heritage; her ultimate goal is to become a reporter for Al-Jazeera.
Her main claim to fame on campus is her ability to focus on her work to an incredible degree for months at a time. Her hobbies are all massively thought-intensive and difficult, from teaching herself Mandarin Chinese and Pashto to using her extensive investigative journalism skills to solve paranormal mysteries for people around campus. Because of this constant focus, her demeanor almost always appears to be grim.
She is a practicing Muslim, although from having lived in the United States for so many years, her practice of it has become quite a bit more lax than it used to be. While she avoids alcohol and drugs and tries to eat only halal foods, she often will find herself skipping a prayer session or two if she happens to be busy doing something else, and she no longer wears a hijab in public. Her true passion is investigative journalism.
At first she was hesitant about the whole nerdy, role-playing, video game culture due to her upbringing in a conservative Muslim family, but as these things go, the human imagination tends to consume everything else when the right spark strikes, and so eventually her curiosity got the better of her and forced her to join a Dungeons and Dragons group for a practice game, just to see what it was all about. As it turned out, her innate ability to understand and deal with people of all kinds made her a spectacular role-player, and, her brain always seeking out complexity, she found the massive text-book rule system very appealing. She was hooked deep enough that when she moved out of the dormitories after graduating, she specifically tried to seek out a group of role-players she could rent with so she could keep it up throughout her grad school career, and so she found the house she lives in now through some fine use of investigation skills and Craigslist.
This trip to Comicon will be her first trip to any convention of any kind. She’s very excited about going, not that you can see it on her face.

Fellah al Farooqi

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