Kody Brown

Believes he is the reincarnation of Joseph Smith


Kody Hp=75/70 Def=20
Kody Initiative:[1d20]
Kody Fort:[1d20+9]
Kody swings his ax:[1d20+8]
Kody’s ax damage:[1d8+2]
Kody fires his Uzi:[1d20+6]
Kody’s Uzi Damage:[2d6]

Meri Hp=33 Def=18
Meri Initiative:[1d20+2]
Meri swings naginata:[1d20+7]
Naginata Damacage[1d10+2] Triple Crit

Janelle Hp=99/60 Def=20
Janelle Initiative:[1d20+4]
Janelle stabs with knife:[1d20+11]
Janelle Knife Damacsage[1d4+2]
Janelle Shoots:[1d20+12]
Janelle’s Glock Damage:[2d6]
Janelle’s AK-47 Damage:[2d8]
Janelle throws an object:[1d20+12]
Janelle’s grenade does damage[2d6]

Christine HP=20 Def=15
Christine Initiative:[1d20+1]
Christine Fort:[1d20+6]
Christine swings with tonfa:[1d20+7]
Christine’s tonfa damage:[1d4+2]
Christine fires her Beretta 9mm:[1d20+7]
Christine’s Beretta 9mm damage:[2d6]

Robyn HP=34 Def=17
Robyn Initiative: [1d20+1]
Robyn Fort: [1d20+4]
Robyn swings: [1d20+3]
Robyn shoots:[1d20+5]
Robyn’s AK-47 does damage[2d8]


He is the leader and founder of The Church of The New and Reformed Church of Latter Day Saints, Apostles and Prophets.

He hides in the bathroom when danger comes.

Kody Brown

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