Desert Exposure
Insane Mormon Cultists

Everything was going well on the trip to ComiCon, San Diego. The party were in the lounge car on Amtrak rolling up some characters for a table-top board game when everything went wrong. A pair of people, dressed like Mormon missionaries, but with much larger name tags attacked. They shot the guy running the snack bar and ordered everyone back to their seats. Fellah ran and hid in the bathroom. Angela hid under the table. Clyde got out his cell phone and dialed 911 (an important decision in future games).

Liam would have none of it, and despite the fact that he was only armed with a pair of brass knuckles he attacked the Tec-9 machine gun wielding terrorists. He punched one so hard in the face that that he almost killed him, but when your enemy has a machine gun, almost isn’t good enough. The Mormons filled him so full of lead that it is a miracle he still walks the earth. Certainly, he wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for the aid that Fellah gave him when they returned to their seats as the Mormon Thugs demanded.

While at the seats, a man appeared with a bull horn. He explained that his name was Kody Brown and that he was the reincarnation of Joseph Smith. He explained that everyone on the train was to be converted to his religion: The Church of the New Reformed Church of Latter Day Saints, Apostles and Prophets. The name garnered much mocking from the party.

Kody explained that Mormon men who had been sealed in the Temple would be allowed to join immediately. Women would also be allowed to join and would be assigned a husband from among one of the prophets once they arrived at their destination. Men who were not already Mormons sealed in the Temple would have to be castrated before they were allowed to join. He explained that they would never be able to become gods, but would, instead become angels and do Kody’a will.

Both men claimed to be Mormons sealed in the Temple and were told that they would have to go to the rear car to prove it. Fellah went with them in order to keep Liam on his feet. The Mormon thugs who were guarding the back door were not inclined to let Fellah in. Liam claimed that Fellah was “his” and kissed her in an to persuade them to allow it. They accepted his argument, but said that women couldn’t go back there. He cajoled them a bit more CRITICAL PERSUADE and got them to let them all go back there.

Once back there, Liam and Clyde knew that they were screwed because they learned that they were going to have to prove that they had been sealed in the temple. Liam hurriedly attempted to forge his underwear into Mormon underwear, but really looked like a crazy guy attempting to write on his drawers with a felt-tip marker.

The jig was up. All three were sent back to their seats no worse for wear, but somewhat embarrassed. Kody informed them that the reason they had lied was because they had not been perfected. Once he had trained them, they would never sin again. The day had been crazy and the party slept fitfully in their seats.

Their sleep was awakened when a crash was heard through the window and the place was filled with a noxious smoke. Bullets began firing both too and from the train. Taking advantage of the confusion, Clyde threw his knife at Kody. Hit by a knife and scared by the events, Kody ran and hid in the bathroom.

In the gun fire at least two of the cultists died, but the train began to speed up. It began to be too powerful to stay on the track and lurched to the side. In the resulting crash, Fellah was slightly hurt, but everyone else in the party made it okay. The crash ripped the back end off the train, and the party was able to venture forth.

They saw immediately that the SWAT team that had come to fight the cultists were dead, crushed by the train. A couple party members looted 9mm from the SWAT teams’s bodies, but most of the larger weapons were destroyed. Fellah and Angela tended to the wounded while Kody came out and declared that he had performed a miracle and destroyed the SWAT team by causing the train to land on them. He said they had caused it to happen near one of his camps and invited all the survivors to come to a feast.

The party declined and chose instead to look through the train. They found plenty of food and drinks in the wreck of the lounge car. One of the party had a GPS and found that they were now in SE Utah, and decided to head to the nearest town they saw, Bluff, a small town at the intersection of highway 191 and state highway 162.

We left the party walking through the desert to bluff . . .

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Snacks on a Train!
Let the monkeys begin

You are all crazy with excitement. Sure, a two day train ride in coach is gonna suck, but you are going to Comicon, and not just any Comicon: the big one in San Diego. A plane would have been faster, but you couldn’t all afford it and you want to go together. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to stay in your seats, and you haven’t been.

You are in the lounge car where they sell pop, snacks and beer, if you’re old enough, for outrageous prices. Hopefully, you brought some food of your own. You are on the bottom floor of your lounge car. You are all playing D&D and interrupting the game regularly with comments about weird things you’ve seen in pictures of other comicons.

Your backpacks are above your seats two cars away on the upper level. Your suitcases are on the lower level of that same car.

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