Limitations and Recommendations

Character Sheets

Before we can begin, I want to see everyone’s initial character sheet uploaded to the characters portion of the site. I know that the crunch on there will change, but it will give me a good idea of what you are working on starting out. You may use Pathguy’s D20 modern character generator to begin our adventure, but you don’t have to do so. I used it to create Angela’s sheet, but had to do some alteration of the html to make it work.

Intelligence requirements

CU Boulder is not an open enrollment institution, so you need to make sure your stats have an INT of at least 10.

Banned Stuff

We are not using any of the arcana, mutations, aliens or other weird stuff. Some of that might come into the game eventually, and it is possible your characters believe in such things. It is also quite likely they view those who believe in alien vampires with super powers as insane.


You have allegiance to CU Boulder
To a religion or philosophical system.
to one other network.


Free gifts from the GM: a 40 pound aluminum case and backpack, you’ve got what you can put into these. Amtrak has signs up that say “no weapons” and that is about the extent of security. Still, you are on a fun vacation, would your character really be packing heat? If so, think about why. Cell phones make sense. Laptops make sense. Cameras make sense. Extra clothes make sense. Munchies and drinks for the trip make sense. Searching through weapons, you might find something that makes sense. An M79 grenade launcher does not make sense unless you have an approved back story.

Limitations and Recommendations

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