Your Background

You are a college student at CU Boulder (sorry, but that is how life goes sometimes). You and your friends have very different lifestyles, but have all come together over a nerdy love of comic-books, video games & RPG’s. You split the rent on a house near campus.

Strong: In the summers, you work construction to pay for school. During the semester you compete as an amateur body-builder. You might feel a little more “blue collar” than your roommates, but the truth is you’re in the 25% of the population that goes to college (may choose blue collar or student as occupation).

Fast: You are getting a bit old (late teens, early 20’s) but your parents still have Olympic dreams. You were an alternate last time. CU Boulder gave you a decent scholarship and you thought the high altitude training might just give you the edge you needed (May choose athlete or student as starting occupation).

Tough: You were recruited to CU Boulder to play on the offensive line of their football team. You get in the way, and often joke that this is what is best about you. No one else would say that though. (May choose athlete or student as starting occupation).

Smart: After college, there was really only one choice for you, Grad School. You are probably going to be older than your roommates. If anyone calls you on it, you say, “they are just great people,” but the truth is you enjoy their juvenility (student is your starting occupation).

Dedicated: When you got out of high-school, you felt a calling. The thing is, you weren’t sure whether it was a calling for politics or ministry. So, you are a philosophy major (Your roommates sometimes joke that “you smell like one too”), a great choice for law school or seminary. To you, a great party or a great discussion are one and the same (may choose student or religious as your occupation).

Charismatic: You may not be a great athlete or a 4.0 student (or you might be), but you’re good enough, smart enough, strong enough and gosh darn it, people like you. Whatever you put your hand to prospers, not because you are so awesome, but because you can find the right people and put them in the right places to make it work. What’s more, they will thank you for it. You are probably either a business major or in one of the performing arts or a business major who is the lead singer in one of the popular local bands (may choose student or creative as your occupation).

One of the reasons that I made Boulder the setting is because it really is the type of place that attracts the type of people I described (and stoners too). Very few of its graduate programs are not nationally ranked. The official Olympic training center is just a few miles away in Colorado Springs and there seem to be a lot of Olympic athletes at Boulder. The football team is always pretty highly ranked, and would have a “tough” character. The philosophy department produces a great many future seminarians and lawyers. It is a real college town with the crazy, charismatic students running the streets. Still, it is a state institution and is affordable for a lot of students who are working at a trade during the summer.

Your Background

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