Kim Jong Il

Master of fire

It is not easy getting the Dear Leader to talk, but with some unpleasantness involving white pepper in sensitive regions, and amid the screams and threats it becomes clear that he really does know where Angela is. As he begins to speak, Kim Jong Il also starts to steam, like a sweaty man on a cold day.

Still, he tells you. There is a hidden monastery in far western Tibet. If one goes to the eastern shores of a massive lake called Zecuo one can find a trail that appears to be paved with volcanic glass. The steam increases, when he says this, almost like there is boiling inside him. That trail goes up into the mountains and ends at a tunnel. Kim Jong Il insists that this path is guarded by yeti. When he tells you this, you can hear the steam coming from his pores. If one makes it to the end of the trail, there is a glacial cave that can be followed for many miles. The cave gives ventilation to the monastery which was covered by ice when the glacier formed. The steam begins to peel his skin from his face. If one survives the trek through the cave, which Kim Jong Il says is filled with demons beyond your understanding, then you get to the monastery. There, Kim Jong Il assures you, you will surely die.

As he utters this final piece he bursts into flame. The flame consumes his body, and he seems to become one with it. He begins to rise off the floor and those nearby leap away, too hot to continue to stand near him. You hear him laugh, his voice deepening. Only Dr. Müller, who rushes up the stairs with Diana Bones in tow, has th presence of mind to shoot at the thing. The fire creature that was Kim Jung Il turns away. It puts it’s hands towards the wall and sends out a cone of fire from his hands, blowing an opening in the wall above the bed. He flies through the hole, amid an ineffectual hail of gunfire from the party.

“Second generation.” Diana Bones says by way of explanation, “I told you they were weird.”


Totally saw that coming.

…Oh wait. No I didn’t.

Kim Jong Il

Wow.. I really didn’t see that coming.. getting into magical stuff now. Fun times.

Kim Jong Il

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